Set an Scheduled Preorder

Recently we added a new feature where you can create different types of preorder based on the fulfillment date. The following options are now available:

  • ASAP: order will be released for fulfillment when it’s placed by the customer.
  • Scheduled: Order is scheduled for a known time in the future. Very good for products on route to your warehouse.
  • Unknown: When the product is in production and you don’t know exact day of fulfillment. When a customer places an order, the order will go to “on hold” state.

You can set these options under “advanced settings” in product or collection settings:

When a scheduled preorder is placed, it will be marked as “Scheduled” in the orders page:

How to reschedule an order

All the scheduled preorders are shown under “Scheduled Preorders” tab in Preorderly application:

By selecting the preorder you plan to reschedule and pushing the “reschedule order” button, you can go to re-scheduling page.

In this page, you can set the new date and also notify the customer by email:

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