How to enable “continue selling when out of stock” for multiple variants

Most shops have multiple variants per product. Individually changing them would be a super time consuming task. Here we are going to go over step by step to enable “continue selling when out of stock” option for multiple variants of a product in one place.

Step One: Open the product page

In the left side menu, select “products”. Then in the opened page, click on the product with multiple variants:

Step Two: Open the bulk edit page

Some of products in each shop have multiple variants. In the opened product page:

  1. Please go to ‘Variants’ section
  2. Check to select all the variants
  3. Click on “Open bulk editor”

Step Three: Add continue selling when out of stock column

In the opened page:

  1. Click on “columns” on the top right.
  2. Check the “Continue selling when out of stock” option in the opened box.

Step Four: Enable continue selling for all products

For all products that you want to enable taking preorders when sold out, you can enable the continue selling. BTW, please don’t forget to “Save”.

Good luck! Let us know if this article was helpful! 🙂



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