4 Upselling Examples to Inspire Your Shopify Store

It takes work to keep your Shopify store fresh. Upselling is a method that can help you boost sales while increasing your customer’s satisfaction. Offer them the products they want bundled with complementary items to improve revenue.

What Is Upselling?

Upselling is a strategy to get customers to buy a higher-quality product than the item they’re inspecting. You can showcase an updated model that costs more. Instead of settling for a product at a lower price, most customers opt to spend more for the better option.

While upselling suggests a more expensive product, cross-selling shows the customers other options they might like. You can showcase items related to the goods in their cart or show what other customers bought together.

You should use cross-selling carefully to not overwhelm the customer. You don’t want to showcase too many options because they might be unable to make a decision. You should carefully curate the products so the customer doesn’t think you’re showing them everything to see what you can sell.

Offering bundles and discounts is a great way to upsell and cross-sell. Customers will pay more for an upscale version of a product if it’s bundled with complementary goods. A discount on multiple products will inspire customers to add more items to their carts.

How To Use Upselling and Cross-Selling

Upselling and cross-selling help you increase average order value (AOV). You’re showing customers what other people have frequently bought together, inspiring them to check out these items. When you show customers goods that fit their aesthetic, they’re more likely to add them to their cart at checkout, increasing sales by 20%.

Upselly simplifies upselling —no need for a popup that distracts customers from making purchases. You can select as many recommended products as you’d like to show. The items appear as a “Frequently Bought Together” banners on the product pages of your Shopify store while customers shop and checkout.

You can set customizations, such as the option to showcase random products when other goods sell out.

When you add a cross-selling option to a popular product, you’re more likely to convince a customer to buy more. They’re going to see the value in adding another product to their order, whether it’s because it suits what they’re buying, gives them a discount, or earns them free shipping.

Keeping your upselling and cross-selling options simple improves the customer’s experience. Give them a few quality options to gain their trust as a merchant making purchases from a brand new eCommerce store. This practice builds repeat customers and inspires new customers to purchase multiple products for their first order.

Inspiring Upselling Examples

The easiest way to understand upselling and cross-selling is to see them in action. Check out these four shops that use the frequently bought-together option to increase AOV on their Shopify stores.

Doruman Hawaiian Shirts

Doruman offers stylish men’s shirts in an easy-to-navigate shop. When you look at a casual Hawaiian shirt, you get several views of the selected product. The “Frequently Bought Together” widget grabs your attention right away. It’s right above the size options for the shirt you’re considering.

These shirts catch your eye and make it easy to check out other options. You might add the current shirt to your cart and shop for more. Or you might realize the displayed style isn’t right for you, but one of the other options looks perfect.

This method of cross-selling simplifies shopping for men’s shirts. Instead of going back to the homepage and finding your way back to the Hawaiian shirts, you can see an assortment on one page. You streamline the purchase by giving the customer multiple options from one location.

Iron Doggy Belt

Iron Doggy is an innovative company that sells hands-free dog leashes for runners. These Iron Doggy belts are sleek and don’t add bulk when running. They’re strong enough to keep your dog close without weighing you down.

The company knows you’re already looking at running belts in their shop, so it doesn’t make sense to offer similar items in the widget. Instead, they upsell by offering a more expensive, more luxurious belt. Instead of a simple belt, it includes a pocket to keep your phone safe when you’re in motion.

They carefully curated cross-selling products like a pocket you can add to your belt, Iron Doggy merch and gear, and carabiners that click onto the belt. Click a product to add it to your cart without visiting the description page.

Shop Nichole Jacklyne Slime

Nichole Jacklyne is a YouTuber known for her channel about slime and fidget toys, which she sells in her Shopify store. You’ll automatically see other popular slime options when you look at any slime, like the Pumpkin Pecan Waffles bucket.

She features holiday-themed slime and changes the widgets accordingly. In the fall, you’ll see Halloween-inspired options, like Vampire Blood and Stranger Things choices. Once she sells out and the seasons change, she can trade out the products to showcase winter holiday goods.

As you click through the options, you’ll see that she also adds her most popular products. If you have an item that’s a bestseller, you want to put it in front of as many customers as possible.

Fari Luxury Essentials Templates

Being an independent beauty consultant takes a lot of work, but Fari Luxury Essentials makes it easier by selling promotion templates. When you look at the “Book Now” template, you also see options to buy other templates and an informational ebook.

The shop also upsells bundles. Instead of buying two templates at full price, you can pay more for the bundle and get several products in one. Many customers will see this option and think it’s a better deal instead of making several smaller orders. Upselling bundles is a great way to increase AOV.

Final Notes

Using the Upselly app on Shopify will boost your Shopify store’s profits and revenue. You have complete control over the customization and products offered. Showcase the best of your inventory and increase product demand with cross-selling and upselling. Try it free for 14 – Days!

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